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Seasonal Center of Prince Sultan Armed Forces Hospital Continues Providing Medical Services to Prophet's Mosque Visitors

The Seasonal Medical Center of Prince Sultan Armed Forces Hospital in Madinah continues to offer medical and emergency services to visitors and citizens in the western courtyards of the Prophet's Mosque. The center has released statistics detailing the number of beneficiaries of its services since its inception until Saturday, totaling 12,159 cases, including 4,906 women and 7,253 men. Additionally, 37 cases were referred to hospitals affiliated with the Ministry of Health.

 The breakdown of cases includes 167 bandaging cases, 11,213 outpatient cases, 83 respiratory therapy cases, and 696 emergency cases, making up a total of 12,159 cases.

 The center, dedicated to providing medical and emergency services to the guests of Allah and visitors of the Prophet's Mosque, is equipped with eight triage points and six primary clinics for patient care, expandable to 8 clinics. It also features 18 emergency observation beds, two mobile medical clinic vehicles with six observation beds each, five emergency beds, and a resuscitation bed.

 Furthermore, the center includes 23 tents, comprising an emergency tent with nine beds, a sunstroke tent with two beds, a therapeutic nutrition and health education tent, two tents with two beds each for bandaging, a pharmacy, a laboratory, and a tent for religious enrichment.

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