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Over 1 Million Benefit from KSrelief 'Etaam’ Ramadan Project for 1445 AH in 18 Countries

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, through the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSrelief), provides aid and stands by afflicted communities in various vital sectors worldwide. KSrelief has gained widespread recognition for its extensive reach and unwavering support for those in need across diverse circumstances and tribulations.

 One of these humanitarian efforts is the support for food security during the holy month of Ramadan for the year 1445 AH. The center launched the Ramadan Food Basket Distribution Program (Etaam), aiming to address food needs and enhance the living conditions of the most vulnerable groups in several countries during the holy month.

 Through the implementation of this project, KSrelief successfully reached over 1 million beneficiaries in 18 countries, providing 195,583 baskets containing essential food items. The Etaam project is among the numerous humanitarian initiatives and programs the center has adopted to alleviate the suffering of countries and communities worldwide.

 Since its establishment, KSrelief has reached 98 countries, executing 2,829 humanitarian and relief projects valued at more than $6 billion, targeting crucial sectors such as food, education, health, nutrition, water, environmental sanitation, shelter, and other areas. These initiatives have benefited millions of vulnerable and needy groups in the targeted countries.

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