Renee Welsh, CEO at Embed

By Renee Welsh, CEO at Embed
Saudi Arabia set to lead by example with cashless entertainment solutions

As Saudi Arabia embarks on an ambitious journey to redefine entertainment, leisure, and tourism under the transformative Vision 2030, it does so with a significant advantage—embracing the digital era from the outset. In this digital surge, Saudi Arabia stands at the forefront, championing a cashless revolution that is set to propel the Kingdom's entertainment industry into the future. 

Saudi Arabia, embarking on its entertainment journey with the advantage of latest technologies, does not have to retrofit legacy systems but can leapfrog directly to cutting-edge, cashless ecosystems. This strategic approach not only places the Kingdom at the forefront of global entertainment markets but also signals a broader shift in consumer behavior towards digital adoption.

This adoption of cashless technology is driving a significant shift towards a more connected, efficient, and seamless entertainment experience. As an industry stakeholder driving the adoption of cashless solutions, we are proud to stand at the helm of this movement, aligning perfectly with Saudi Arabia's ambitions to cultivate a cutting-edge entertainment landscape.

The KSA market is so dynamic that we are seeing the emergence of standalone entertainment offerings. At the same time, there are giga projects underway, with FECs as the core entertainment offering. The market is so vast that there is a room for both the continuous development of FECs and the emergence of IP themed FECs. The sector will stay important, and is in fact one of the reasons why the FECs in the region are evolving. 

On the other hand, the Saudi Entertainment and Amusement (SEA) Expo 2024 is not just a showcase of entertainment technologies; it is a testament to the Kingdom’s resolve to lead the region in creating a cashless entertainment economy. 

Embed’s presence at SEA, is not a mere participation; it is a declaration of our role in Saudi Arabia's visionary leap into a cashless tomorrow. In a country where technological foresight is as vast as its deserts, our cashless solutions offer a glimpse into a future where convenience, security, and innovation are the cornerstones of every entertainment venue. Our deployment in over 40 Sala locations across the Kingdom is only the beginning. With Saudi Arabia's entertainment sector poised for exponential growth, each FEC integrated with our systems stands as a model for modernity and efficiency.

Our Mobile Wallet 2022-2023 consumer metric results show a whopping 5x increase in average reload value (around SAR 189.66) compared to cash (around SAR 37.13) and credit card (around SAR 119.82), with 60% of reloads happening before guests arrive at the FEC. Its success is not just measured by the 5x increase in average reload value but also by the proactive engagement it fosters among guests, with a significant percentage of transactions completed even before they step into a Family Entertainment Center (FEC).

In addition to the Mobile Wallet, Embed's STATS and our latest innovation, the smartTOUCH™+ reader, are harbingers of an unparalleled entertainment experience. These technologies represent the pinnacle of data analytics and operational efficiency, offering real-time insights that will help support the entertainment ecosystem in Saudi Arabia.

STATS, the data visualisation dashboard developed with Amazon Web Services, is another SaaS solution designed to change the way Saudi Arabia’s FEC operators can analyse reports. STATS continues its global streak to help operators make informed business decisions on staffing levels, scheduling, revenue forecasting, and even inventory through real-time reports. Its in-depth, dynamic visualized data reporting is built with AWS’s global cloud infrastructure for accessibility, security, and low latency.

As the region's entertainment landscape expands, we need to understand that our role extends beyond the provision of technology. It is about fostering a culture of innovation, about being a catalyst for change, and about ensuring that every guest interaction in Saudi Arabia is effortless, secure, and enjoyable.

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