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Saudi Red Crescent Deals with Over 10,000 Emergencies in Madinah So Far in Ramadan

Saudi Red Crescent Authority (SRCA) in Madinah has dealt with 10,297 emergency calls so far in Ramadan, of which, 4,730 entailed transporting patients to nearby medical facilities for necessary treatment.

 According to SRCA Madinah branch Director General Dr. Ahmed Al-Zahrani, the calls received during that period were related to medical issues, traffic accidents, and various other concerns. The dedicated SRCA staff and their well-equipped ambulances worked efficiently to respond promptly to the calls.

 According to Al-Zahrani, 6,312 volunteers dedicated a total of 40,810 hours to providing emergency services alongside the SRCA's team at the Prophet's and Quba mosques.

 He emphasized that individuals may request ambulance services by dialing 997 or using the "Asefne" app, which also enables users to report emergencies, make distress calls, and track the progress of their reports. Furthermore, it enables ambulance crews to pinpoint the caller's location and access information about nearby medical facilities, other relief agencies, and emergency contact numbers.

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