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Message of Makkah Summit

Today, attention is focused on Makkah, where the two Gulf and Arab extraordinary summits are held upon the call of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and the ordinary Islamic Summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

These summits are held for consultations and coordination with sister countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), the Arab League and the Islamic countries in all that would reinforce security and stability in the region, especially in light of the attack on the commercial ships in the Arabian Gulf, the attacks by Iranian-backed Houthi terrorist militias on two pumping stations in the Kingdom, and the serious repercussions of that attack on regional and international peace and security and on the supply and stability of the world oil markets, in addition to the urgent need to address challenges and crises in order to strengthen the Gulf, Arab and Islamic solidarity at a very critical and sensitive stage that the nation has been through.

Keenness on convening the three summits reflects the aspirations of the Gulf, Arab and Islamic nations for solidarity and unity of Muslims and their ranks. 

The Kingdom embraces everything that would strengthen ties among peoples and the issues of the region. The unity of the word is the great concern of the Kingdom's government throughout its history. 

The Kingdom is aware of the sensitive situation in the Gulf region and the escalation of the escalation in the region due to Iran's destructive role which represents a serious threat to security and stability, and is trying to drag the region into a fierce war.

The Kingdom is proud of its role in unifying the ranks, and leads multiple positions in embodying solidarity among countries of the region and the Arab and Islamic countries. It constantly supports whatever is aimed to unite the Muslims, most notably the formation of the Islamic-Military Coalition for Fighting Terrorism which has taken Riyadh as a joint operation room. The Kingdom has a myriad of stances with lots of countries in the face of terrorist parties and organizations.

It is highly hoped that leaders of the Arab and Islamic countries will come out with a firm stance and a message against the Iranian regime which is destabilizing and supportive of terrorism, keeps on its hostile policies against the surrounding countries, spreads strife and war and targets the interests of the Gulf states. We hope our leaders will force the Iranian regime to stop its other hostilities of supporting extremist and terrorist forces that threaten the joint Arab Gulf security, and force this regime to abide by the principles of the international law and stop its interventions which have brought chaos and destruction to many countries, to highly grave points that must be faced internationally by all means.

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