Grandfather sits for school exams with grandchildren

A 58-year-old Saudi grandfather is sitting for his secondary school exams along with his sons and grandchildren in Makkah.
Abdulrahman Khalili said age was not an issue in this matter. What mattered was his interest in learning and his quest for knowledge, and not to pursue better job prospects or material gains since he is already pensioner.
Khalili, who has defied all odds, believes in the adage: "Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave." His late decision to pursue education was to “fill my spare time.” He now plans to even complete his bachelor's degree.
He received tremendous encouragement from his sons and daughters who are already university graduates. But he did not say why he was deprived of education when he was young, though it is usually financial constraints that come in the way.
The teachers at Khalili's school praised him as an exemplary model to be followed for his strong will and dedication to pursue knowledge regardless of age.

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