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It’s time for world to act

Western countries are a tad too late in their appeal to Iran to respect human rights. Ever since the Iran revolution in 1979, human rights have been commonly violated in Iranian cities. In fact, 1979 has proved to be a disastrous year for Iranians, for that’s when the mullahs took over. Despite calling itself the “Islamic Republic,” it has never adhered to Islamic teachings which clearly call for respecting human dignity. On the contrary, Iran’s Supreme Leader has been defining human rights to suit his own whims.     
In November, the United Nations Third Committee for Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Issues approved a resolution criticizing violations of human rights in Iran. The Committee voiced serious concerns over the increased use of the death penalty, including lining up teenagers for executions even for non-violent crimes. Convictions are mainly based on coerced confessions.
The UN report also criticized prison conditions wherein prisoners are deprived of adequate medical care, with their lives in constant danger. The resolution further urged Iran to remove restrictions against the freedom of expression, both online and offline or abroad, and to respect the people’s right to peaceful assemblies.
According to the resolution, Iran should end the harassment, intimidation and persecution of political opponents, human rights defenders, women and minority rights activists, labor leaders, student rights activists, academics, filmmakers, journalists, bloggers, social media users, social media page administrators, media workers, religious leaders, artists, lawyers and families of persons belonging to known and unknown religious minorities. The list includes all categories of Iranians, especially the elite.
Rather than waiting for an uprising in Iran, western countries would have done well to act against the brutal regime long back, well before the ongoing rebellion. Be that as it may, the world can very well catch up for lost time and now fully support the Iranians in their struggle against the atrocities committed by the regime. US President Donald Trump has done well in throwing his full might in support of the beleaguered people. Others should follow and act quickly to prevent any kind of genocide against the common Iranians.

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