Jazan - Abdullah Al-Fifi (Alriyadh Newspaper)
A human rights' alliance in Europe to reveal the violations of Qatar

In a human rights orientation, the African Organization for Human Rights Culture, the Arab Organization for human rights in Britain and Europe and the Gulf Association for Rights and Freedoms launch a human rights' alliance through a human campaign that targets several European countries next September 10th. The aim of that alliance is to reveal the human rights violations, withdrawal of nationalities and the deterioration of foreign laborers’ rights in Qatar according to a statement issued by the alliance last Sunday. That move coincides with opening the 29th session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.

Representative of the alliance Samah El-Sayed said that an awareness campaign will be organized for individuals and organizations in several European capitals and that the violations practiced by Qatari authorities against prisoners of opinion and tribes whose nationality was withdrawn will be revealed along with the inhumane and deteriorating conditions of foreign laborers in Qatar and financing international terrorism. The alliance will call for setting free all prisoners of opinion in Qatar and giving them back their nationalities as well as stopping all acts of torture practiced inside Qatari detention centers.

She explained that the alliance will select Geneva as its first leg then Berlin so as to spread awareness over the inhumane violations practiced by Qatari authorities in addition to unveiling the financing of organized terrorism in Qatar at the same time in which Qatar pretends to look as a modern and civilized country. She stressed that it is time to take an action and reject all those egregious violations of the Qatari authorities. A signature petition will be launched in Europe to put more pressures on the Qatari regime and officials for the purpose of stopping their inhumane violations and financing international terrorism.

Slavery is practiced against foreign laborers in Qatar and several of them are imprisoned at detention centers where they receive inhumane treatment and have unfair trials based on confessions that they gave under torture in favor of members of the ruling family who trade in visas and practice human trafficking.

In a report conducted last year, Amnesty International revealed that the foreign laborers working at the locations of the new constructions of World Cup 2022 are still suffering from abuse and exploitation as their rights have been violated by the companies working on upgrading Khalifa International Stadium. Those violations have been listed by Amnesty International in a report conducted last year. The stadium was inaugurated on Friday May 19th, 2017 after independent auditors published a report with new details about the continuous exploitation practiced against foreign laborers in different projects of World Cup Championship 2022.

Deputy Director of the international cases department at Amnesty International James Lynch said: “Although a year has passed since Amnesty International published the forms of exploitation practiced against foreign laborers who took part in building Khalifa Stadium, violations still go on at the locations of World Cup Championship 2022 in Qatar.”

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