Riyadh Daily
Vision in Education

Vision 2030 is a national project covering the present and the future without losing sight of the past. It is a mega development project with all its broad headings down to the smallest details. It leads our country to the future with all its scientific progress,  taking it as a goal in order to make our country in the ranks of the advanced countries economically and socially in the light of the security and stability that our country lives through by the grace of Allah.
Education is a cornerstone of Vision 2030 with all its requirements and outputs that accompany the realization of the Vision to produce generations of homeland's youth who are able and qualified to continue the development process heading towards the future. Education is the springboard for our new thought consistent with the current qualitative leap whose fruits we have actually started to reap, waiting for more national achievement which dazzles the world with its ideas and its speedy realization of some of its objectives in record time. Despite the political and economic situations experienced by the region and the world, our determination is not discouraged go on with this project which, if completed, will be a beacon for countries wishing to make a historic transition in their march towards their progress and the welfare of their peoples.
The Vision is a ceaseless mega national developmental project that we have to instill in our children at a very young age until they finish their educational levels by allocating classes explaining the importance of the Vision and the goals it has been set for in addition to our roles as citizens engaged in achieving them as these goals have been developed for the progress of our country, our welfare and our economic and social development.

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