Interview - Jasser Al-Saqry
Europe will turn shortly its back to Iran

Director of the Brussels International Center for Research and Human Rights (BIC) Mr. Ramadan Abu- Jasser warned European powers not to be swayed by Iran.
He stressed that the Iranian regime funds the militias and contributes to intervening in the Middle East’s regional conflicts. The European powers should put pressure on the Iranian regime to halt its destabilizing activities. He said that the center held a conference in the European Parliament a few days ago under the title «Iran is in an unrest Middle East: creating a new European stance towards Iran». The conference is aimed at making clear Iran's impact on conflicts in the Middle East and the real accusations directed to Iran regarding local violations of human rights by the Iranian regime. This should prompt the European powers to develop a new strategy for its approach against Iran. The conference also provided a platform for discussion on the implications of the withdrawal of US President Trump from the nuclear deal and the means that will force Europe to respond.
The Brussels International Center presented recommendations in this regard. Such recommendations are expected to be activated shortly by all influential and effective institutions. These recommendations include that Iran, as a State party to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, must respect freedom of thought and religion. This requires firm and executive policies adopted or monitored by the European Union while respecting the fundamental right of those accused through a legal representation and fair trial. Consequently, policies of monitoring and follow-up should be implemented by communicating with freedom activists in Iranian society.  The BIC also calls upon Iran to stop all interference in the affairs of the Middle East’s countries through proxy war, halt its empty threats from time to time against the countries of the region, and to withdraw its military forces existing in these countries. The BIC also calls upon Iran to stop arming militias and providing logistics and financial support to them in face of legitimate regime in their countries. The BIC also recommends the EU countries take a new stance towards Iran and take into account the total Iranian violations against its citizens, and Iranian interventions in the affairs of neighboring countries. Europe should not also confine its stances against Iran to adhering by the nuclear deal. The Center also calls the EU countries to work together to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons for the purpose of maintaining regional and international security and peace.
The Center also recommends the establishment of a competent and an independent fact-finding committee to investigate the violations of the Iranian regime against the rights of civilians, the suppression of demonstrators and racial discrimination against minorities with the need to issue a public report in this regard. Abu- Jasser pointed out that Iran is interfering in the neighboring countries through exporting crises and proxy war and this is internationally rejected. He also said the nuclear deal was signed by the United States during the era of Obama together with Russia, China and European countries in the absence of the Arab countries, especially the Arab Peninsula countries, which are the most affected by this deadly weapon if possessed by Iran. Most Arab countries pay a heavy price in return for Iran's criminal policies in the region. Ramadan Abu- Jasser confirmed that this conference, which was held in Brussels, was prepared three months ago, i.e. before the US President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the nuclear agreement by two months. We place more facts before the European powers to adopt a new stance contrary to the current one which is seen by a number of politicians and European organizations as a shameful position adopted by the European Administrations that are wrong for adopting this stance. Iran is a country that does not respect international conventions. The question posed here: why does Europe defend an agreement with a repressive state that carry out forcible detention and discrimination against woman? All these violations contradict with the European values and principles.
He also revealed that the conference succeeded in conveying a true image of the crimes of Iran in the region. This repressive country does not respect the covenants and the European countries should be cautious about that. He continued saying: “We will see in the coming days a tougher European position towards the regime of velayat-e faqih (guardianship of the Islamic jurist) and the Arab countries, especially the GCC countries should benefit from this European awakening.”
He added that Abu- Jasser added that there is an international plan based on severing Iran's ties with its arms in the region. Iran will use this in any coming negotiations with the international community, pointing out that Iran used the proxy war for many years. The wisdom says: it is time to punish Iran that is between a rock and a hard place after this successful conference that was attended by high-ranking European officials. He pointed out that Iran began maneuvers by announcing that it would implement a plan to increase its capacity to enrich uranium. Yet, it is fully aware that the European position, adhering to the Iranian nuclear agreement contrary to the will of the US Administration will not last long because it is a country that practices political blackmail and these irrational behaviors will not bear fruit with the US President.

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