By Khaled Al-Ghadeer
The new Saudi Arabia amazes world

The grand welcome accorded to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and his delegation by Britain reflects the significant role being played in the world by Saudi Arabia on various fronts, including politics, defense, economy and culture, particularly since Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman took office with an ambitious vision.
The Crown Prince met high-level officials in Britain, including Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles. The two kingdoms are poised for a new level of cooperation in the Brexit phase.
From London the scene is shifting to Washington where the American press has been giving special attention to the forthcoming visit of the Crown prince. The media have been highlighting the change brought about by the Crown Prince in the Kingdom and the Middle East. He has heralded a new reality that has made the Kingdom the center of the world's attraction on the political, economic, and cultural fronts. These reforms have made the Kingdom stronger at the negotiation tables with the world powers. The world respects a strong country, not one with only money power. This is the road that the Kingdom has taken under King Salman.
One of the most important topics taken up with London, and will be with Washington, is that of listing of the Saudi Aramco IPO.
King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed have the support of 21 million Saudis in their mission to bring out the full potentials of the Kingdom to secure its future.

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