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Mysterious Delegation

So many more to come.. This is how it goes with the coup delegation in Yemen concerning consultations held in Geneva aimed at paving the way to reason about peace negotiations that end the war caused by Iran-backed Al-Houthi.

This is the third round between the legitimacy and the putschists in which Al-Houthi proved to be the party that wants to prolong the war without the desire to reach a real peace that helps Yemen out of its crisis and brings it back to its normal state. Tehran's instructions are the first and last driver of what Al-Houthi is doing, not considering the interests of Yemen as a state and the Yemenis as a people who deserve to live in conditions much better than the suffering from the war imposed by Al-Houthi to carry out an Iranian scheme aimed at dragging the region to the conflicts among the people of one nation just to serve his own interests.

We cannot judge what will result from (Geneva 3) because it has not yet begun. Still, in addition to the indicators that we read from the two previous rounds of negotiations and the non-arrival of Al -Houthi delegation in Geneva to take part in the third round for groundless reasons, one of which is that that they did not have a plane to fly "the delegation, the wounded and the disabled", we can understand that the plane was for the delegation, but what does it have to do with the wounded and the disabled whom we have no idea about or their relationship to the delegation, unless Al-Houthi delegation was composed of wounded and disabled? This gives us an idea of the intentions of the prejudices of the mysterious delegation!

It is clear that Al-Houthi has no real desire to establish grounds for peace in Yemen for various reasons; including that Iran will be the biggest loser by thwarting its aggressive schemes against the countries of the region. As we have already said, it controls Al-Houthi and directs whatever it wants, and peace in Yemen means that it will lose one of the four Arab capitals that it has been boosting to be its loyal.

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