By Sarah Al Qahtani - Abha
Crown Prince spreads the message of tolerance and peace

Besides strengthening Saudi Arabia’s bilateral relations with Egypt and the United Kingdom on various fronts, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Deputy Premier and Minister of Defense, conveyed a strong message of tolerance and peace to the whole world during his visits to the two countries as encompassed in true Islam.
Crown Prince’s courtesy calls on Senior British Archbishop Justin Welby and to Pope Twadros II marked the beginning of a new era of communication, love and openness to all religions. The visits sought to promote interfaith dialogue, and demonstrate the people’s love for their Christian brothers. Muslims believe in harmonious cohabitation that goes back to the roots of Islam, which holds a human message of peace.
Speaking to Al-Riyadh Arabic newspaper, a number of Middle Eastern Christian officials expressed their happiness over the Crown Prince's historic visit to the Cathedral of Egypt a few days ago. They appreciated the visit, which opened a new era of collaboration and openness. They described the meeting as a historic interfaith dialogue and openness, and a boost to the historical relations between the Kingdom and all groups.
For his part, Abdullah Al-Barraq, a researcher and writer in political and security affairs and an anti-terrorism expert, said, "The two visits of the Crown Prince went beyond political and economic discussions. They demonstrated the young vision of Saudi Arabia, which is open to every corner of the globe. They carried a significant humanitarian message of love, peace and coexistence with the world as reflected in Islam, away from politics.”
He continued, "These two visits have amazed the world due to their unprecedented outcomes and societal impact. They mixed the cultures of nations and touched their feelings, giving both the Arab and Western media reasons to report on as well as celebrate. The air of coexistence and tolerance during the Crown Prince visit to the Coptic church confirmed his sincere feelings towards his hosts.”
Al-Barraq added, "We continue to see people continuing to rejoice all over Egypt even after the Crown Prince left for the UK, where he was also warmly received. The Crown Prince's visit to Britain left a strong impact on entire Europe, especially his meeting with the archbishop, and his emphasis on spreading religious moderation and rejection of extremism. The impact of the two visits will have a long-lasting impact and strengthen the social bonds among the peoples. It will give Saudi Arabia a special place in the hearts of peoples."
Political writer and analyst Fahd Deepaji said that the visit of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, along with its political and economic objectives, takes Saudi-Egyptian relations to even higher levels. The visit to the church symbolized Saudi Arabia’s strong belief in true Islam. This was followed by a visit to the Al-Azhar Institution that plays a key role in spreading the nature of true Islam.
Political Writer Yahya Al-Taleedi asserted that the Crown Prince’s visits were marked by unprecedented historical meetings with the Pope Twadros II of Egypt, as well as Senior Archbishop of Canterbury in the United Kingdom. Saudi Arabia has spread a clear message of moderate and tolerant religious thought that encourages dialogue with all religions and renounces extremist ideology in any form.

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