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Preeminent Model

Some terrorist countries and organizations seek chaos, terrorism, instability, crimes in countries and destroying their capabilities, and tend to mobilize and stir peoples against their governments for the sake of illusions of alleged change and democracy, a matter that dragged those countries and their peoples into the horrendous abyss and made them experience the non-state hell.

At this point of turbulent time and unstable conditions in our Arab countries, the Kingdom remains the preeminent model for the consolidation of justice, peace, tolerance, the culture of dialogue, concord, mercy, rejection of exclusion and deprivation of the other solely for doctrinal, intellectual or even ideological differences.

Hence, the Kingdom - since its inception and throughout its eras and its kings, has been the bright face for consolidating peace and respect for the neighborhood and the diplomatic  and humanitarian charters and norms, in addition to its humanitarian assistance and feeling about the suffering of the poor or oppressed peoples. 

These positions have become the clearest and most prominent features of the Kingdom.

Thus, the appreciation of the Palestinian cultural and media institutions in Lebanon, as circulated by the media and news agencies, with regard to the assistance and donations provided by the Kingdom to the Palestinian people confirms this steadfast humanitarian approach and the bias to the welfare and development of the peoples. 

In a joint statement yesterday, the Palestine Cultural Association, the Global conference on Jerusalem, Al Bayader Theater Group and the Palestinian Labor Committee said that what the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia offers to the Palestinian people and their national and humanitarian issues supports the life of the Palestinians and the Palestinian policy so as to achieve the goals of the Palestinian people, topped by the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.

These institutions affirmed that the Kingdom have been siding with the Palestinian people since the early days of its exodus (nakba) in May 1948 and its setback  (naksa) in June 1967.

It is important to emphasize that this Saudi position is not the last one. It is preceded by countless positions. 

This means that questioning the Kingdom's positions and its pivotal Arab and international role is totally unacceptable. These positions are remembered and thanked although the Kingdom has never been seeking pride in its grand deeds, being confident that its historic responsibility stems from its standing, its Arab-Muslim position and its significant geopolitical position.

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