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War Against Corruption Goes On

Since the establishment of the National Anti-Corruption Commission (Nazaha) in 2011, the Kingdom has been strongly on the path towards combating corruption, protecting the public fund and deterring those who are involved in the relevant issues. 

Yet, the community was not clearly aware of the features of this important government direction, until the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques gave orders for forming a high committee presided over by the Crown Prince to monitor the public corruption issues, because he noticed a sort of exploitation by some of the weak-spirited who prioritized their own interests over the public interest, and abused the public fund without fear of religion, conscience, morality or patriotism, taking advantage of their influence and authority entrusted to them to abuse and steal the public fund throughout different means, supported by the failure of some figures who worked in the concerned bodies and precluded their tasks to be carried out in the fullest manner, a matter which withheld knowing the reality of these crimes.

Once it is formed, the committee made its national goals for which it was formed and recovered SR 400 billion from the defendants in cases of corruption. 381 defendants  were summoned, and large amounts of money were restored by the State, and the leadership proved on the ground that it will never tolerate those whoever think to encroach on the public fund.

Despite the completion of the work of the committee after achieving its goals for which it was founded, the process of protecting integrity and the public fund and combating corruption will never stop. The war goes on at a high level of organization and coordination, starting from "Nazaha" through the established bodies that contribute to curbing corruption, the last of which is the Bureau of Financial Reports of the Public Prosecution in the General Auditing Bureau.

Undoubtedly, Saudi citizens are proud of the national achievements that strengthen the status of the nation on the map of the world countries that have a strong performance in the war against corruption and stop any encroachers on the public fund whoever they are.

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