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Last Treatment

Holding of three summits in the Kingdom at a time close to the month of Ramadan is an extraordinary event taking place for the first time, a matter which gives a strong indication that the Arab and Islamic nations are going through unusual situations. 

The Islamic summit is ordinary and held under the slogan "Makkah Summit.. Together Towards the Future". It is the future in which our nation seeks to be having the proper standing among the nations. 

It is the nation of the eternal message that Allah Almighty has entrusted to all mankind. At this time in which we seek the pride and honor of our nation, we find those who stab that nation in its back, being falsely attributed to it. 

We find Iran and its arms desperately attempt to target the Muslims' Qkiblah in Makkah through the futile missiles they launch targeting the House of Allah.

This is not the first time for them to do such an abominable act, but it was preceded by many others. This confirms beyond a shadow of a doubt that Iran and its arms are more dangerous to the Islamic nation more than their supposed enemies. 

They are considered to be Islamists while they do not carry the qualities of Islam, but they try to undermine its pillars from within and form grave threat to the Islamic nation.

The tense atmosphere in the Gulf region is the outcome of the Iranian hostile policies that threaten the security, stability and gains of the region. 

These policies must be confronted even if it leads to the use of force. It is true that we do not want a war that has no triumphant, but we also do not want to be always exposed to the Iranian threats and the threats of the followers of Tehran without facing them politically and economically, and if they did not respond, so the last treatment will be cautery.

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