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Establishing 'Non-Profit' Private Associations, Organizations, in Fields of Intellectual Property, in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property (SAIP) has called on the
public and those interested in volunteering, private sector companies,
community members and interested institutions and individuals to
contribute to the establishment of non-profit private associations in
the fields of intellectual property, innovation and invention, through
the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development platform
dedicated to this.

SAIP will establish these associations to obtain a license for their
activities in accordance with the requirements set by the Ministry of
Human Resources and Social Development, and SAIP will assume the
responsibility of supervising and following up on the associations that
fall within its classification.

SAIP stated that the aim of establishing non-profit associations in
intellectual property is to encourage the protection and respect of
intellectual property, to regulate its fields in the Kingdom of Saudi
Arabia, to raise awareness of the importance of intellectual property,
and to protect its rights to contribute to its advancement in accordance
with the best practices.

Executive Director of the Intellectual Property Policies Department
at SAIP Hisham Al-Arifi affirmed that the establishment of non-profit
intellectual property associations in different regions of the Kingdom
of Saudi Arabia will contribute to confirming the government’s role in
enhancing community awareness of intellectual property and its
importance in stimulating human creativity, in addition to providing
technical and legal advice to members of society regarding intellectual
property, innovation and invention, qualifying specialized national
cadres, and holding related events and activities to spread the culture
of intellectual property and link intellectual initiatives with the
Saudi civilization principles as an integral part of the social

SAIP has invited those wishing to establish these associations to
apply through the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development
platform https://sd-eservices.mlsd.gov.sa/#/login and in case there is
any inquiry about civil intellectual property associations, innovation
societies and inventors, SAIP can be reached through direct customer
service number (920021421), e-mail saip@saip.gov.sa, or social media

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