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Finalists of Saudis' Al-Mallawah; international rounds to start on Tuesday

(Al-Da`wa) Al-Mallawah 400 meters competition concluded its qualifying runs for the Saudis, after King Abdulaziz Falconry Festival today witnessed the last three qualifying runs which were for the category of "Hor Qarnas" for the Saudi owners, while the qualifying runs for the international falconers begin tomorrow Tuesday.

The first place in the first run, on the ninth day of the competition, was won by falcon Markoz, for falconer Khaled bin Hillel bin Taban Al-Subaie Al-Enezi, after it covered the distance of four hundred meters with a time of 18.184 seconds, and in the second place was falcon Nahar for falconer Bakhit Khalid Muhammad Al-Shadi, with a time of 19.522 seconds, and third came the falcon Salman for falconer Ahmed bin Turki bin Nasser al-Nafai’i al-Otaibi, with a time of 19.537 seconds.

As for the second round of the same category, the first place was won by falcon Hammam for Al-Saqq Dwaihi Abdullah Hajras Al-Dossary, with a time of 17.407 seconds, followed by second place winner Aqab for Saud bin Muhammad bin Obaid Al-Haraji Al-Dossari, with a time of 17.928 seconds. The third place was won by falcon qaid, for falconer Ali bin Muhammad bin Abdullah al-Qaid, with a time of 18.488 seconds.

Gharib for Abdullah bin Muhammad bin Hammad Al-Tawala Al-Shammari won the first place in the last qualifying run, with a time of 17.910 seconds, and in the second place was falcon Theban for falconer Ahmed bin Salem bin Faddi Al-Armani, with a time of 18.200 seconds, and thirdly falcon Saadoun for Ahmed Bin Saeed Bin Muhammad Al-Fathi Al-Mutairi, with a time of 18.410 seconds.

According to the Al-Mallawah competition regulation, the festival honors the first three winners in each run, while the top ten owners receive financial prizes. The owners of the first seven places qualify for the final rounds within King Abdulaziz Cup.

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