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Inevitable Fate

The Iranian regime did not realize that its aggressive expansionist terrorist policies would turn against it. It expected that the policy of escaping forward and taking instability would achieve its interests, the first of which was staying in power to carry out an agenda wherein there is no place for development and prosperity. 

The Iranian regime did not expect the day when it will be in a corner under the spot, and all its actions inside and outside Iran will be under several microscopes, monitoring all its movements in any direction. The Iranian regime has made the Iranian inside a major prisoner, so that it can tighten the iron fist around their necks and humiliate them by all means of intimidation. 

Yet, the Iranian people did not give in to the injustice and arrogance of the regime, but they are still resisting by all possible means. The recent demonstrations in Iranian cities, the chants against the head of the regime and tearing up the pictures of its leaders clearly prove that are fed up and reached a point of an unprecedented indignation that will lead to results that the ruling regime in Iran did not expect and never crossed its mind.

Externally, it has become clear to the international community that Iran, in its current state, is a rogue state in the full sense of the word. 

It is a state seeking no security and stability for one of the most important and sensitive regions in the world, but rather seeking to spread chaos and wreak havoc so that it may dominate. Its arms exist in several Arab countries only to achieve its goals of control and dependency.

The international community has become more aware than before of Iranian subversive roles. Indeed, it has gone further when it placed Iran in its natural size as a rogue state that threatens the international interests and that should be curbed and its policies should be restricted.

The Iranian regime today is between the jaws of internal and external pincers, and there is no way for it except to modify its aggressive behavior and engage in diplomacy as a solution that might help it out if its leaders control their minds and their desires, otherwise it will face an inevitable fate.

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