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"Hiking" Trail Events on Farasan Island Conclude

As many as 160 male and female athletes concluded their participation in the activities of the "Hiking" Trail, which was hosted by Farasan Islands governorate as part of the programs of 22nd Jazan Winter Festival.

The activities of “Hiking” trail came to exploit the natural potential of Farasan, as one of the distinctive destinations of Jazan Winter Festival, where Farasan trail was distinguished by its sports, tourism, cultural and historical diversity, and reached a distance of 10 kilometers, towards Zayah Beach in the east, passing through the heights of Maghawi Mountains, to end the path in front of a mountain overlooking the port of Farasan.

It is worth mentioning that the activities of the "Hiking" trail include a final trail within Jazan Winter Festival on January 22 in Bisha governorate.

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