Riyadh Daily
Boost to culture, creativity

The formation of a standalone Saudi Culture Ministry, separate from the erstwhile Ministry of Information and Culture, has been widely welcomed by all spectra of society. The move is reflective of Saudi Arabia’s recognition of the important role played by culture in safeguarding the Kingdom’s ideological and human identity.
Prince Badr bin Abdullah Al-Saud, the first minister of culture, has realistic ambitions. The coming months are expected to be full of culture-related activities, which are expected to spread knowledge and revive national heritage. Museums, documentation centers, etc. are expected to get a further boost.
Culture refers to arts, literary works, drama, movies folklore, etc. It links history with civilization and reflects the progress in the industrial and economic domains. It encourages creativity and aesthetics.
Saudi Arabia’s cultural experience is praiseworthy. It links the past with the present and helps Saudis plan their future without neglecting the past. As a result, Saudis have remained a cohesive force, despite concerted efforts by the Kingdom’s enemies. They have complete confidence in the leadership’s wisdom.

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