Dr. Mashary Al-Naim
Why Saudi Arabia?

It is obvious that we in Saudi Arabia are currently opening a new phase of relations with countries of the world, with the Arab countries and the neighboring ones. Such strange situation witnessed today by us, was not a response to current events, i.e. these hostile and antagonistic attitudes and situations were existing in the soul of enemies and awaiting the suitable time to appear. Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s incident that occurred two months ago is still providing important lessons on the importance of self- reliance and focusing on our strategic interests first and the world’s comes second. This crisis should teach us how to get rid of emotion and passion and give precedence to our national interests over any other consideration. Saudi Arabia owns huge human and natural resources and also is the cradle of Islam to which Muslims throughout the world turn in prayer. The Kingdom does not need anyone’s sympathy. What we need is to figure out elements of strengths and show them to the whole world.
My words coincide with Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Salam’s important visit to Argentina to attend G 20 meetings. This visit is an important message to the entire world that the Crown Prince is still the strong, visionary and inspiring leader to the Saudi nation and he does not fear any false and fake accusations against the Kingdom. He also conveys a clear-cut message that the Kingdom is proceeding in the way of changing and reform whatever obstacles created by enemies of the Kingdom.
What does presence of the Crown Price in Argentina mean representing the Kingdom that is one of the world’s most twenty powerful economies? What does this mean for the Kingdom and the ambitious young Crown Prince who described his country’s youth as Jebel Tuwaiq “Narrow escarpment that cuts through the plateau of Nejd in central Arabia”. This unlimited ambition of the Crown Prince prompts enemies of the Kingdom to work plots against the Kingdom. Those enemies are currently facing a strong leader of reform and they are disappointed and shocked of the strength of this inspiring and strong leader. The most important goal of those enemies is to topple this strong young leader. Those evil enemies forgot that all Saudi people, especially youth fully support this reform leader until their last dying breath.
Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Salam’s visit to Argentina does not represent a challenge to the free world but is a message that this man did not commit anything to fear. He addresses the wise people in the world that unfair media funded by suspicious bodies will not be able to make Saudi Arabia go back and the Kingdom will continue to achieve its goals and reserve its place among influential superpowers in the world. Regarding the killing of Khashoggi, the case is currently taking its right course before free Saudi Judiciary.
This visit paid by the Crown Prince is reaffirming the confidence of the Saudi people in their leadership and affirming the confidence of the world in Saudi Arabia that for decades supported and still backing all peoples of the world in the time of need and crises.
The Kingdom learnt a lot and grasped the lesson of Khashoggi case. The Kingdom is now fully aware that its existence is targeted and slogans chanted by enemies are empty and fake. Lessons learned by the Kingdom will prompt it to re-think again even of the constitutional component of the Kingdom. The decision to establish the center of communication and knowledge forecasting was not made lightly. It is an important part of the lesson learned from the current crisis.

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