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25 Auto tire warehouses shut down in Riyadh for selling used tires as new

In a major campaign against selling used tires as brand new , the Ministry of Commerce and Industry ( MCI) shut down 25 auto tire warehouses ,arrested 53 illegal workers and confiscated some 20,000 used tired which were kept for sale as new during this week.

The owners and the expatriates who were involved in the sale of these used tires were booked under the Anti-commercial law and those arrested will be produced before  a court of law.

The raids were conducted by the MCI in coordination with the joint security teams in Riyadh. The authorities also seized some 60 tire machines which would retread the tires.

Under the Anti-Commercial Fraud Law such offenses that would mislead and deceive  the consumers will be subject to fines and penalties that may reach three-year imprisonment, fines up to SR one million or both .

Furthermore , the violators convicted in a court of law will have their names of companies announced in two local newspapers for the information of the public and will not be allowed to continue their businesses.

MCI has called  on all consumers to lodge their complaints through MCI Consumer Call Center (1900), or through the application of a Commercial Violation Report, or through the Ministry's website.

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