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Patriotism triumphs

The killing of citizen Jamal Khashoggi is a model of what the media can play in the event making, a matter which refutes dozens of studies and opinions about the end of the era of traditional media and the emergence of the so-called modern media.

Regardless of the difference between these two terms and their connection to the mediums, the influence of the traditional media has proven to be the key player in the event making, and perhaps the uproar about reactions to them. Conventional weapons have been used in the case- so to speak - from its beginnings until now. It has brought back to minds the old propaganda strategies of all kinds and colors.

In the issue of Khashoggi, the contents of the media message have varied widely. Dozens of scenarios have been fabricated and stories of a political nature have been narrated, but in the end they have not provided accurate information, except for the Saudi media which has based its message on official information and reports warning against any conspiracies targeting the country and its constants, out of the responsibility on its shoulders. This has turned the social media platforms into battlefields on the basis of a long argument in which Saudi Arabia has simply won thanks to its weapon of his national affiliation, while the other party has lacked any weapon that could enable it to win the confidence of the receptor or have an influence among the neutrals, as bad intentions have spoiled those great potential that has been mobilized to hang all standards of credibility and impartiality.

In the 21st century and in light of the great political transformations seen by the world, the media has re-positioned itself in the heart of events. It is no longer a means of transmitting them, but rather a maker of them. Accordingly, attention to technical aspects should not take us away from the foundations of the media profession and the development of efficiencies and capabilities to make a strong media that is able to keep pace with the events witnessed by the world and the variables witnessed by our region at all levels.

The Saudi Media Industry alone requires a great effort that involves a myriad of government agencies, educational institutions as well as private media institutions. It is hoped that all efforts will be successful and that everyone will manage to qualify a new generation of Saudi media figures who are capable of going into the future battles.

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