Cairo, Mohamed Abdel Wahid
Houthi Militias arm criminals to counter lack of fighters

A new tragedy is suffered by the Yemeni people due to crimes committed by Iran-backed Houthi Militias. These criminal Militias have recently begun to recruit prisoners from criminal gangs, thieves and those sentenced to death within their fighting elements. Houthis arm them with all weapons in an attempt to compensate the severe shortage of fighters against Yemeni resistance and the national army forces together with intimidating the Yemenis. The Houthi Militias are currently living a hopeless situation and panic over the consecutive reversals suffered on the various war fronts, especially Yemeni western coast. These Militias suffered successive reversals and heavy losses a matter which prompted them to resort to the compulsory enlistment of prisoners after giving a choice between fighting in war fronts and death in jails without regard to human values, norms, laws and security of Yemeni society. The Houthi Militias have recently set hundreds of prisoners of the Central Jail in Dhamar and other Yemeni prisons free. Those prisoners received intensive sectarian training courses. In addition, Houthis released prisoners with criminal matters from jails of Sana'a and Hodeidah and forced them to move to war fronts.
Informed sources pointed out that Force Command of Houthi Militias has issued orders to recruit and mobilize as many human elements as possible, whether criminal or military or police guards to war fronts suffered from consecutive reversals on the hands of resistance forces and Yemeni Army.
Recruiting assassins, criminals and thugs confirms the brutal criminal nature of these Houthi Militias that violate all international norms and laws. These militias turned jails into incubators of criminality and death. They also further disseminate ruin and destruction all over Yemen together with continued evasion from going to negotiations and initiating political solutions ignored by Houthis in the context of a long history of the annulment of covenants and conventions. In this regard, political analysts believe that military operations against Houthi militias will force them to sit at the negotiating table due to successive defeats and reversals in war fronts in a way that contributes to putting an end to the Yemeni crisis. The current field scenario in Yemen reflects a state of “human bankruptcy” in the ranks of Houthi Militias that prompts them to commit everything to compensate the human shortage amid turmoil experienced by the militia under the influence of successive military strikes of Arab Alliance by land and air. Together with recruiting criminals and assassins within their ranks, Houthis began to employ schools’ principals and teachers to do other tasks including the recruitment of children and pushing them toward war fronts by using various barbaric methods. Children under eight years of age are the most affected category in this conflict.
The violations and crimes of the Houthi Militias backed by the Iranian regime extend to recruiting universities’ students along with turning schools into military barracks, weapons stores and destruction.
Houthi Militias destroyed the Yemeni economy by looting the central bank of Yemen, public and private property. These criminal militias also resorted to recruiting servants of the Yemeni State after suspending their salaries for more than two years for serving war effort. These militias pushed servants to war fronts with promises to receive salaries.
Many leaked documents revealed Houthi atrocities against the employees of Yemeni ministries and authorities occupied by forcing them to write down names of employees capable of carrying weapons amid a state of popular reluctance to join these criminal militias.

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