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Kingdom of Peace

The international appreciation for the Kingdom's humanitarian message of establishing peace and inculcating values of tolerance and cooperation among the world's nations, culminate in an interrupted Saudi generosity since the inception of the State to this very day.
The Saudi benevolent hands reached out to the needy all around the world and those who were displaced by wars and disasters to leave their homelands, providing them with decent life on mere humanitarian grounds away beyond any political gains or ethnic or religious considerations.
This lofty message is not only confined to the official aspect, but it has also become part and parcel of the national identity and quality that characterizes the Saudis wherever they go across the world. This has contributed significantly to maintaining the pure image of the Arab Muslim Saudi citizen despite repeated attempts by states and organizations over long decades to distort this image.
Recently, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) issued a report on the level of the international funding for the humanitarian response in Yemen for 2018, with the Kingdom being at the forefront of donors within the humanitarian response plan in Yemen for USD 530.4 million of the total amount of USD 1.54 billion. The report referred that the Kingdom topped the donors outside the humanitarian response plan for Yemen USD 196 million of the total amount of USD 466.4 million.
In another model that reflects the world's appreciation of the Saudi efforts in the service of humanity, the Global Scout Fund announced the completion of more than one billion hours of community service by the world young men and women within the global Scouts of Peace Project, which has become, since its launch in 2011 in the Kingdom, the largest global community service project.
This global project has succeeded in fulfilling its mission by providing more than 28 million people with the opportunity to carry out humanitarian works in various continents of the world. It has been able to open windows of dialogue for the youth of the world to achieve the common goals and overcome all obstacles in the way of human progress and the development in their societies.
Matching with this appreciation, the heroic deed by two Saudi students Jaser Alrakah and Theeb Alyami still reverberates all around official and popular circles, as they dies martyrs trying to save two drowning children in the United States of America, leaving the world with most fascinating example for sacrifice to save human lives.
What the Kingdom and its people have provided and are still providing in terms of support and sacrifices for humankind evidently reflects the approach of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia based on moderation and consolidation of values of peace, cooperation and coexistence in the world and supporting all that is aimed at benefiting the entire humanity.

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