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Umrah package soars as Ramadan ends‏

During the final week of the holy month of Ramadan, the Umrah travel operators in the capital have increased the pilgrims’ Umrah package to SR 220 to SR 300 from its base price of SR 100 at the beginning of the season.
The heavy rush for the pilgrimage would cease with the Eid Al-Fitr festival. More than 75 luxury coaches carrying pilgrims are expected to leave Riyadh for Makkah on Thursday after Asar prayers.
This year, the peak season coincides with the summer holidays. A large number of vacationers including Saudis are expected to participate in the pilgrimage during this year.
A return fare from Riyadh to Makkah by a luxury coach including accommodation in the holy city will cost SR 220 per pilgrim and the pilgrim is free to choose a Makkah only package or Makkah and Madinah package at the same fare.
Bachelors will be charged only SR 200 per pilgrim, while the people who go with families have to pay SR 220 per head. 
On an additional payment of SR 300 per pilgrim, accommodation could be extended to four-star hotels in the holy city, the weekend package to Makkah and Madinah starts at 4 p.m. from Riyadh on Thursday and finishes on Saturday afternoon.
There are nearly 300 Umrah travel operators spread out in the capital but their large concentration is located in the city center.
During the journey, coaches stop over at three points for Magrib and Isha prayers and Suhoor and at Meeqat in Taif for allowing the pilgrims to wear Ihram .
Pilgrims are given half an hour to don their Ihrams at the Meeqat point so that pilgrims could offer their Fajr prayer in Makkah.
Since the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan, a total of 3169 Umrah performers were treated at the Makkah Region's hospitals and health centers at the Holy Mosque.
Makkah Region Health Department said that 513 Umrah pilgrims  are still receiving treatment at hospitals, 24518 patients received at  hospitals' Emergency, 7233 Umrah performers received at various clinics, and 100 surgeries were performed.
The Health Department also said that in the same period, 13 endoscopic surgeries, 1300 renal dialysis, and eight catheterizations were performed.

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