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Saudi Tourism Ministry Participates in AHIC, UAE

The Saudi Ministry of Tourism has participated in the Arabian & African Hospitality Investment Conference (AHIC), which was held in Jumeirah, Dubai on September 20-22, 2021.
On the sidelines of the conference's activities, the Ministry highlighted the efforts being made by the Kingdom in developing investment opportunities in the tourism sector, which gave investors clear perceptions of the Kingdom's strategy to become among the top 5 tourist destinations around the world, providing stable growth opportunities and preserving the Kingdom's natural environment.
On the occasion, Chairman and CEO of Bench, Jonathan Worsley said, "Both the investors and attendees at the conference showed their great interest in the Saudi tourist market, and based on our interest in the three main topics “innovation, sustainability, and the future”, the participation of the Saudi Ministry of Tourism in our program was a source of happiness for us, to learn about the efforts of the Kingdom to develop its offers in the field of tourism, attract investment, and ensure the sector’s recovery after the coronavirus pandemic."

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