Riyadh Daily
Setting an example

A meeting of Arab foreign ministers on Thursday has rejected the US decision to recognize Al-Quds as the capital of Israel. They also spelt out the steps to be taken to address the issue, including the formation of a new international multipartite mechanism to sponsor the peace process. This is a step in the right direction, and one of those few occasions when the Arab world has reached a consensus on an issue.
Unfortunately, such harmony among the Arab countries is not seen very often on several other issues. This is where the Arab world needs to take a cue from the warm strategic bilateral relationship enjoyed by Saudi Arabia and the UAE. The two countries only seek to serve Arab interests in general and the bilateral interests of both countries in particular. They are an example of strong solidity within the fold that needs to be followed by other Arab countries.
Saudi Arabia and the UAE are close partners in the Arab coalition fighting for legitimacy in Yemen. This reflects their keenness to do everything possible in the interest of the Arab world and to protect Arabs from falling under the influence of Iran and its agents.
But the strong Saudi-UAE coordination is not limited to the Arab coalition. It also covers wider strategic relations aimed at restoring the glory of the Arab world.

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