Prince Dr. Faisal Bin Mishaal Bin Saud Bin Abdul Aziz AL Saud, Governor of Qassim Region. The festival continues for 45 days as of 9 August, 2018 with the participation of many farmers and will include several activities.

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Buraidah Dates Festival takes off under SABIC sponsorship

The festival is considered one of the most important dates markets in the region.  SABIC has sponsored this festival in previous years based on its belief that it represents an addition to the national economy and plays a key role in supporting the agricultural sector. Each year, 200,000 tons of dates from eight million palm trees are featured in the festival. The festival is also a major tourist draw, attracting more than half a million visitors every year, and helps generate employment and boost trade.

SABIC participated in the festival with a pavilion, through which it presented various palm-related solutions and products for farmers in the Kingdom. 

The Governor of Qassim honored SABIC for its continuous sponsoring of the event. Yazeed Al-Angari, General Manager, P & K BU, SABIC, received the honorary plaque on behalf of SABIC. 

Al-Angari affirmed that the company’s sponsorship of this festival comes as part of its national role and in support of the local activities, which have prominent economic and social effects.  “This festival achieved progressive development and became one of the prominent features of the sustainable development in the Kingdom and an effective contributor in the achievement of the Kingdom 2030 Vision” Al-Angari said. This sponsorship materializes SABIC keenness to develop the agricultural sector and provide innovate solutions in the field of Agri-nutrients.

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