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Arab Children

"Today's children are the youth of the future and the backbone of nations"… We always say it, believe in it and work to achieve it. 

Still, this does not mean that the picture is always colorful, but that the future of the Arab children is not as brilliant as we wish, but rather a cause for concern, especially based on the exceptional situation experienced by our Arab nation which has been witnessing extraordinary events that distorted the innocent childhood and stripped it off its purity in the midst of wars and conflicts that mean nothing to childhood but the circumstances it has been forcefully placed into.

We are left with a generation of Arab children who are used as cheap labor in the labor market. This exists even before the occurrence of such events in the Arab region. It is even growing complicated. 

It is even reinforced by the conflicts that used children as combatants or human shields in the worst forms of inhuman exploitation, in addition to the denial of education and health as basic things that are not considered. 

The Arab childhood suffers instead of being properly nurtured until it completes the course of its previous generations. 

We are faced with a problem that we may not understand its scale, but its repercussions will be certainly clearer in the future when a generation of Arab children will be ignorant, hateful and selfish, caring only for their desires even by force in the way they grew up. Construction will not be their goal, as destruction will be easier for them to impose opinion by force instead of adopting dialogue.

It is really serious and should be addressed, not limited to studies and opinions. Our responsibilities towards future generations are great and require our serious steps, especially for the Arab children who found themselves in conditions where everything is present except for childhood.

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