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Innovation is leading the show: OS vs AI

Many organizations have long taken the outsourcing option as a preferred option. Some of them have incorporated their obligations to develop and nurture these resources. This is a good thing according to the company's assessment of its interests in its strategy and achieving some of the known benefits in terms of cost reduction in operations, of many of the commitments and constraints of human resources and other resources management.

Due to some cons of outsourcing such as security risks and slow response times. Artificial intelligence (AI) and its applications offer better control, costs management, improve contracts and increase security. It is noticeable in many sectors as it is obvious and in an expansion in terms of supply, demand, and application. However, no need to say that AI is no longer become as option as there are nowadays many strong marketing companies selling AI applications, systems and equipment that shorten their work by providing application and operation (training the user) and follow-up according to the request of the client and often as base on the quality factor of AI job will end up to this limit, but they will be a continued of providing and updating the customers with the new versions and developments.

In the Philippines in 2018, many call centers have been closed and rely on the automated response (AI). BPO-Business Process Outsourcing in India, this sector includes more than three million. BPO functions include human resources, call centers, Payroll Also called ITES (Information Technology Enabled Service), it will be impacted by AI, as well, also, for the banking sector,( the emergence of virtual banks) and many sectors.

Therefore, the industrial intelligence factor in the world of business and trade if at the level of companies and institutions, as well as individuals (entrepreneurship) is no longer as an option, but a reality that requires familiarity and application. 

The old and classical propositions, so to speak, to look at it respectfully and then left in the history’s bookshelf for searching purpose of historical stages of administrative development or past success stories.

Nowadays, innovation is leading the show in business all over the world and there is high competition in leading this approach as AI is one of the main tools in progressing, So whomever in the business world now have to recognize the stage and the work on scenarios and utilize this opportunity to achieve success stories.



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