Dr. Talal Al Harbi
National Water Company under scrutiny again

In fact, Water company issue and water in general is the most important national issue, secure and stable, and we have often dealt with water issue and National Water Company which already has a very clear hallmarks in securing water, improving its sources and managing its distribution, at least at places and areas under its management. 

We have often talked also about the injustice of Water Company, so to speak, that many areas and water-related matters aren't under the management and responsibility of the Water Company, that its tasks overlap with other institutions, such as Water Desalination and Sanitation Corporation and Ministry of Water which is the Godfather for all of them. 

Recently, Water Company held a workshop and partnership with contractions and investors sector in general, to find out the most important reasons which led and will lead to obstruct and delay the implementation of several important government projects, this meeting or workshop was attended by a range of media professionals, interested people, His Excellency Minister of Environment Water & Agriculture, Chairman and CEO of the Company and its specialized staff plus the attendance of a number of contractors, consultants and representatives of the construction sector and investment sector.

It was an open fruitful meeting in which everyone had made maximum goals of diligence to reach logical solutions to treat project obstacles, reasons and ways to solve it. 

Today, all involved in a matter shall meet, agree and find logical applicable solutions, plus discussing the issue of private projects falter in the company and its strategic areas which affects and delays the speed of implementation and achievement. 

This workshop is a wonderful idea from the company, as it shortened correspondence, effort, time and misunderstanding of many problems and obstacles, but with everyone at one table, participating on the debate and expressing his reasons, the most important that everyone provides appropriate solutions, and when all solutions coverage, the trade-off process starts to reach the most appropriate solution, which is in the interest of the project first and satisfies all parties. 

This workshop was also managed very successfully because, scientifically, you're Combining two sides one of them is profitability, representing private sector, and the other is non-profit, representing public sector, and reconciling between them and between their goals is an achievement on its own. 

We promise you to return to the water issue and its importance, and re positioning National Water Company on the scale of our concerns again in the next Gregorian year, as we hear about many of the achievements that have been achieved or are expected to be achieved in the field of the work of the National Water Company, and our duty is to be the help, support and the true partner for them and to be the watchful eye and the real national control as a national media that cares only about the public interest. 

In addition, National Water Company, which had been run several years ago, is managed and its policies and strategy are drawn up with professional Saudi hands and minds, it deserves to be highlighted again by the media, to increase awareness and contribute to the achievement of national goals.

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