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Riyadh Ranks the 5th Smart City among G20 Member States' Capitals, on IMD Indicator

The Saudi capital Riyadh leapfrogged 18 steps forward to rank the 5th city among G20 member states' capitals.

The advance is the third of its kind it achieved, in a quantum leap
on the Smart Cities' Indicator, administered by the International
Institute for Management Development (IMD).

Riyadh outpaced largest world class recognized cities such as Tokyo, Rome, Paris and Beijing, to rank the 5th.

This achievement reflects the great impact of the digital shift as
well as artificial intelligence, taken place in Riyadh city, and the
potentials to adopt up-to-date digital techniques and solutions, in
addition to rapid and flexible response to tackle digitally administered
governmental and identity services, on one hand, and on the other the
easiness of starting up new businesses along with lessening waiting
time, as the governmentally administered applications and platforms are
keeping on playing a great role in raising up the indicators in terms of
health and hygiene and safety, inside Riyadh, as proven during the
ongoing fight against Coronavirus.

It also stands as a testimonial of the progress realized through
cooperation and coordination among various relevant ministries and

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