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Iranian Self-Importance

The Iranian regime's self-importance was not limited to its obsession with fueling conflicts in the Arab surrounding; nor was its political stupidity in dealing with events and hotbeds of conflict in the region limited to practicing its acrobatics by supporting and spreading its arms and militias

The blockage of the political horizon of the Iranian regime has reached a level far exceeding the reasonable. 

It has made the conflicts take an explosive nature, whether inside or outside Iran. At home, we have seen instances of rejection and rise against poverty, ignorance, and repression of every free voice. 

Outside, the political stupidity is still with its extremist radical nature, spreading poisons and turmoil in every spot, driven by its dreams of expansion, domination, control and extension of its mythological doctrine.

It is important to refer to the extremist terrorist ideology that the Iranian regime is trying to mainstream in the region, and horror and chaos in the entire region. 

The incident of shooting down the Ukrainian plane and the Iranian regime's confession of this blatant terrorist act confirm that there is no hope of modifying or rationalizing the behavior of this regime that has suckled terrorism since its formation; which means that the entire world is required to take real deterrent steps that preserve security and stability for all and prevent any tampering or chaos committed by a regime haunted with an extremist violent ideology aimed to undermine stability and finish off all aspects of every life and urbanization.

It is ironic that this regime is paying lip service to calling for dialogue, tolerance, and rejection of violence and hatred while practicing the opposite in all its attitudes and behaviors that can no longer be covered up or withheld in light of the presence of different television means, channels and modern media that transmit all events to the world in less than a second.

Bashing and deterring the behavior of Iran’s regime and curbing its arrogance remain a real test to the United Nations until it proves that it is truly an international entity created to bring international peace and security to all countries away from condemnations and slogans that do not preserve security and do not deter an extremist.

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