By: Rashid Al-Fawzan
Kingdom's support and donations to history

It is difficult for whoever reviews the history of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in providing all aspects of "humanitarian" support. I shall review some of the statistics and figures provided by the Kingdom over the past years, and the covenant of all of Saudi kings, may God bless their souls, and prolong the life of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz - may God preserve and protect him- and His Royal Highness the Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman -may God preserve and protect him- leading the kingdom in the humanitarian action worldwide, specifically the Islamic and friendly countries. For example, Saudi Arabia, through King Salman Humanitarian Aid And Relief Centre (KSRelif), has provided more than SR 1.8 billion in May 2018. Also, the Kingdom is ranked the first in donating to the Syrian refugees by 36% according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). Moreover, General Supervisor of King Salman Humanitarian Aid And Relief Centre, Dr. Abdullah Al-Rabiah stated that the total Saudi humanitarian and development aid from 2000 to 2018 have amounted to USD 6,051,227,493, namely more than SR 22 billion, in addition to the Saudi Development Fund and its assistance and other funds and donations provided by the Kingdom.
This is a "humanitarian" Kingdom that only desires peace and security in this world, and provides financial support, unlimited in-kind and other assistance. The Kingdom is a peace lover that spreads peace and works for peace, under the leadership of this country, may God preserve and protect it. The unlimited support provided by the Kingdom is a sustained policy throughout its history. This reflects the role and importance of Saudi Arabia in establishing the global peace and prosperity, not interference in the affairs of states, as it goes by the revolutionary states such as Iran and Qatar, whose policies have taken the shape of exporting revolution and supporting unrest in other countries. This has turned them pariahs and classified as terrorism supporting countries, and has brought inflation, shortage of income and poor infrastructure to their nations. They have also become internationally isolated states which do not work for the sake of their people, a matter which has rendered their political and economic conditions deteriorated and declined with future holding the worst for them. We are so proud of the Kingdom and its leadership and their support to the Saudis and the infrastructure. This country receives the international prestige and respect. We are proud of this country and this leadership. May God preserve and protect both.

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