Daesh expected to resurface in other countries

A former Daesh member has warned that the terrorist organization is planning to regroup after its forces were defeated in the fighting in Syria and Iraq.
Speaking about his days in Daesh to Sky News, Abu Saqr, who was nicknamed the “Police Amir,” said he was coerced into joining the organization. He had often tried to stop the trials of people conducted by the organization as they always ended in execution. His efforts had helped in freeing a large number of people.
He pointed out that Libya is the new destination for Daesh members where they have a number of cells. The country has even become their gateway to Europe and may become the headquarters of “Daesh.”
Though the terror group has lost the territory it had seized in the summer of 2014 from Syria and Iraq, the anti-Daesh coalition has warned of the militants resurfacing in other countries such Afghanistan and Somalia, besides Libya.
Abu Saqr revealed some details of the fighting against Daesh in Raqqa led by the Syrian Democratic Force. He said that all the Daesh leaders were tipped off and had left before the start of the fighting. They were replaced by foreign fighters.
He explained that as the fighting began, he and his family had managed to escape from their home along the Syrian-Turkish borders in Raqqa with the help of those who had previously helped him. He said that it was premature on the part of the Syrian forces to celebrate their victory because the real battle was far from over. Some Daesh militants were still holed up in the city while others have fled to safe havens.

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