Farhan Hassan Al Shammari*
About Generation “C”

Generation C falls into the same definition as Millennials. However, ‘Gen C’ is not bound by age.

They turn to the internet instinctively and extensively to do things. 

The Generation C (Connected) prefer to interact with service providers via mobile devices and won’t spend time nor efforts for physical presence in a bank to make a transaction, to book a flight at the airline’s company office, or to drive to a restaurant to make a table reservation. Here some of important features of Gen. “C”:

1. Its members are creating content and actively engaged with online communities not only just consuming this content.

2. They are fully immersed in content creation, smart technology, social networks and product sites.

3. Generation C trusts content shared within their own personal networks. 

4. Attracting and keeping Generation C is not only about having a carefully curated online message, but also about the technology used.

5. Generation C understands that with technology they have more control than ever. In addition, with this control comes expectations.

6. Generation C is looking for personalized service, individual attention, and instant gratification with their lifestyle.

7. Recently, Among the issues faced by Generation C, the Corona pandemic and its repercussions that differed from previous generations (separation - loss of parents or loved ones - migration - precautionary measures). 

As these are the main characteristics of Generation C accordingly, we should know how to deal with him and if we are from Generation “C “that will help us to understand us more and more.


Farhan Hassan Al Shammari

Twitter: @farhan_939

E-mail: fhshasn@gmail.com

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