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Ministry of Culture announce kicking off Art's Sojourn Events, held at Ancient Ballad, Jeddah

The Ministry of Culture related program, under the motto: Art-wise
Sojourn... at Al-Ballad" is set to, virtually, kick off, in its first
phase, in the current month of September, following the jury selection
of the best applicants to take part, in its activities and events.

Such function is the first of its kind, as a program held in the
Kingdom, at the ancient and historical Ballad district, in Jeddah,
aiming at playing host to an array of world as well as Saudi artists and
in order to encourage and boost dialogue and cultural exchange among
the actively art sections, in the city, in addition to consolidate
reach-out to their milieu and surroundings they are living amidst,
through the sites and studios dedicated for the events.

The ministry's program is targeting raising up the intellectual
potentials and talents, as a backup endeavor, falling within the context
of a wider life's quality, of the Kingdom Vision 2030.

This program is set to consist of 5 virtually held art phases,
during 2020, with a time span of 3-week, for each, in order to create a
dialogue among the participants and upgrade the proposed projects, and
eventually implement them, at the historical district of Jeddah, in

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