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Targeting Global Economy

The terrorist attack that targeted two oil pumping stations in the Kingdom and the terrorist and devastating attack on two Saudi oil carriers sailing through the Arabian Gulf in the UAE's economic water proved that Iran and its several evil arms such as the Houthi coup militias are rogue regimes seeking to spread chaos in the Middle East and the whole world through terrorist schemes that do not only target the security of the Gulf and the Kingdom in particular but also world peace and security. 

These regimes are supported by the Qatari media allied with the terrorist groups that spread chaos and devastation in Arab and Islamic countries.

That attack proved to the whole world that the Iranian regime is still committed to Houthi coup tools and militias to spread chaos and achieves its targets through these elements and supplies them with money, weapon and training as well as targeting the oil facilities and navigation lines.

These are ancient Iranian schemes focusing on funding and exporting terrorism to neighboring countries as a tool used by the Iranian regime.

These schemes aim at destabilize the region, spread chaos in the Middle East which forms a paramount importance for the global economy and influence the flow of oil which is one of the most important strategic goods for the world, that the Kingdom and top producing countries to achieve stability in its global supplies.

The whole world knows that Iran is the major element of instability in the Middle East and the source of tension, spread of violence and terrorism in the Middle East and the world and supports terrorist acts to decrease and distort the increasing pressures on it. 

The two recent attacks are deemed serious development in the Iranian terrorist and that requires firm international attitude against the terrorist acts whispered by Iran and immediately cease whatever shaking peace and security at both regional and international levels.

The Kingdom has long history in the fight of terrorism. On every occasion, it reminds the whole world of the graveness of this phenomenon to destabilizing the world. 

It is entitled to take actions that it deems necessary in the face of acts of sabotage against its installations in order to maintain its security and the safety of its citizens.

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