Farhan Hassan*
Hajj the Holy Journey

I have been very proud and pleased when viewed many of the messages that reach me through social media these days. It was about the preparations and services provided to the pilgrims by the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and His Crown prince through all the government agencies. 

Besides, the coordination and organization of volunteers, also, it was very nice that some citizens contribute to setting up meals on the road for the pilgrims’ in the way to Makkah.

It was beautiful scenes that Saudi women in the security and migration, also, volunteers and scouts how they offered of the services with spoke in different languages.

Last year, there was the “Hajj Hackathon”, which was held in Jeddah as the world's largest "Hackathon" in the Guinness Book.  Saudi women team have won the programming of "Tarjaman" application for non-Arabic speakers, which allow translating directly into the user's mobile language, without the Internet, and planned to be also, used for people with handicapped and illiterates.

Immigration and customs procedures completed before arrival and flowers when reach, awareness and guidance in different languages. Utilizing technology for communication (Jawwal and smart boards and applications). 

In addition to that, it was also, a good practice that announcement of the Saudi Center for the measurement of the performance of public organs "The start of measurement operations targeted 50 services provided by 16 government agencies.

Finally, as all here believe that, it is pride to contribute to any work for servicing the pilgrims and that to perform their holy journey Hajj in the best manner and way.


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