Farhan Hassan Al Shammari*
Qualitative Business Research

Qualitative Research supports defining the problems and learn about customers' opinions, beliefs and values. It is required for organizations' surveys and as well for PhD students in preparing their THESIS.

Qualitative Research is not about numbers, but it is related to people (customers) and their opinions and reflections of the business.

It is typically conducted by questioners either one-on-one or to groups of people, However, there are two main types of Researches in the market:


1- Quantitative Research

Using the numbers by mathematical analysis and data to highlight the important statistics tracking the business and market status.

This type of data, collected by utilizing multiple-choice questionnaires, to measure interest in the company and its offerings for example by answering below questions: 


1. Is there a good market for these products and services?

2. How much is the market awareness of this product or service?

3. How many people are interested in buying this product or service?

4. Who are the best customers, and what are their buying habits?

5. How are the needs of the target market changing? 

6. How long are visitors staying on the website, and from which page are they exiting? 

2- Qualitative Research

As mentioned in the beginning, that Qualitative Research is about people, their thoughts about the business not so much about numbers.

While Quantitative Research asks short-answer questions that begin with “to what extent,” “how much” and “how many,” as related to numbers.

On the other hand, Qualitative Research asks long-answer questions that begin with “how” and “why.” as this helping in developing a new product, service, website or ad campaign and to get some feedback before any decision you commit a large budget to it or future plan.

Typical questions of Qualitative Research include:

1- Why do you think this product is better than other competitive products? 

2- How do you think that can improve this new service to make it more appealing to you?

3- What do you think of this new company logo?

4- What do you understand from the print advertise?

5- How would you characterize this website design? How is it friendly and easily navigable?

The five Qualitative Approaches to Inquiry

1. Narrative Research: By collecting and analyzing the accounts people tell to describe experiences and offer interpretation

2. Phenomenology Research: produce in-depth descriptions of a phenomenon.

3. Grounded theory Research: it is often used by the HR department, For example, a study why employees are frustrated by their work.

4. Ethnographic Research: is about to observe and/or interact with a study's participants in their real-life environment.

5. Case study Research: is used to generate an in-depth, multi-faceted understanding of a complex issue in its real-life context.


* Farhan Hassan Al Shammari

Twitter: @farhan_939

E-mail: fhshasn@gmail.com

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