Riyadh Daily
Successful visit to Britain

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has concluded his successful visit to Britain, strengthening bilateral relations and taking political, economic and military cooperation between the two countries to new levels.
The Saudi-British cooperation in realizing Saudi Vision 2030 confirms that Britain accords utmost importance to the socioeconomic reforms in Saudi Arabia aimed at economic diversification and turning it into a leading investment hub. The reforms are expected to achieve overall growth in Saudi Arabia and provide numerous investment opportunities for British companies. Moreover, Saudi Arabia will benefit from London’s vast experience in numerous fields, thereby further boosting the reforms.  
Britain viewed the Crown Prince’s visit as a significant one due to his prestige in the Arab world and the Kingdom’s active role as a strategic partner in maintaining international peace and stability.
The issues tackled during the visit included security, defense, counterterrorism, Iranian interventions in the region, and the Yemeni crisis. The continuous Saudi-British security cooperation has also led to safeguarding lives in both the kingdoms, as well as third countries.
The two sides also signed a memorandum of intent for Saudi Arabia to obtain additional 48 Typhoon fighter aircraft to help keep the region secure and stable.

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