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Stability of Position

The Kingdom's support to the Palestinian cause and people is as stable as mountains, never changing with the passage of time. The Palestinian cause is the Kingdom's central issue which it supports until the establishment of the Palestinian State on the 1967 borders and the restoration of the Palestinian people's usurped rights; an irrevocable principle. 

The Saudi Cabinet asserted yesterday that the Kingdom will continue to play its leading role in supporting the Palestinian refugees, stressing the implications of the Kingdom's speech to the annual international Pledging Conference in support of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA). 

These implications emphasized that the Palestinian people's return to their homeland is an inalienable, a fixed and an established right that does not lapse by time and is imperceptible, because it is a human and moral right, and a legal and political right ensured by the international resolutions."

This confirms the solid Saudi position towards the Palestinian cause. As we know, the right to return is one of the most difficult and complex issues because Israel rejects all forms of solutions at both local and international levels. 

It even insists on its vision to resolve the issue and that lies in the Palestinian people's non-return to their homeland but rather their settlement where they are at the present time.

Although the right to return is also a collective right based on the right to self-determination affirmed by the United Nations for all nations in 1946 and particularly the Palestinians in 1969 and made it an inalienable right of the Palestinians in Resolution No.3236 of 1974, the second article of the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949 stipulates that any agreement between the occupying power and the occupied people or their representatives is legally void if their rights are extinguished.

The Palestinian refugees' right to return is ensured through all relevant diplomatic resolutions, even if Israel rejects them. Israel has rejected all the peace initiatives offered because they are not commensurate with Israel's wishes for land and peace for nothing. 

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