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Industry’s Vision hereafter COVID

A lot of questions about what could be the important matters or marketing or societal needs in the field of business after the Corona pandemic and we see that the Medical sector and architecture, design, detergents, sterilizers, disposable gloves and masks, and transportation means are the most industries or requirements after Corona for the markets.

Medical sector

Training devices for preventive medicine and advanced technology programs with the accompanying elements of practice and application, training means and simulators, sensors for detection and testing.

As well as the expansion in medical colleges and medical laboratories to accommodate larger numbers and increase medical cadre.

Medical insurance from reformulating and codifying domestic and international agreements will be one of the dimensions of this pandemic.

Architecture and design

Many public buildings, such as hospitals, government departments, and service companies worn by people, need to be rehabilitated, as well as for employees in offices in terms of spacing and grouping in breaks, also, a modification for paths and cleanliness of health facilities inside and outside buildings, and of course entrances and exits and their tracks and Censorship either human or electronic.

And at the level of modern homes will take into account prudential designs in their facilities and arrangement of furniture.

Masks and Detergents

There will be periodic consumption according to the importance, for individuals, places, homes, hospitals, and other public facilities, which increases demand, especially for consumables (one-time use).


Transportation, private cars, and aircraft and bus design in terms of spacing, adaptation, ventilation, sensing, and sterilization may also be a competitive issue and big challenge for manufacturers and countries to consider it as standards for this industry.

Media and Awareness

Media and awareness remain an essential pillar in protecting society, as it is expected that there will be creative media outlets to deliver awareness messages to the community.

By raising awareness of the risks and ways to avoid them that also, is considered as important industry for humanity.

These some of industries and designs imposed by Corona and hygiene in general, but some others requirements and demands may appear in the future.

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