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On his, book That  published  in 2004 “Reality Transurfing “Mr. Vadim Zeland  (a Russian author), mentioned many new concepts according to him will let you ride (surfing) on the wave of success in this life "Space of variations", "choice", "pendulums" , "importance" , and "wave of fortune"  that to be the “Transurfing” theory.

Here we will focus on three of these concepts “Importance”, “Pendulums” and "The wave of fortune". As we feel about them, they are mostly in touch with our of day-to-day life.


“Balance is destroyed by the excess potential of projected importance. As you already know, the more important the goal the harder it becomes to reach.”

Vadim Zeland

According to Mr. Zyland “Importance” occurs when we give something exclusive significant which create” an Excess Potential” that will enable “Equilibrium Forces” to repair this violation that occurs on the “energy field” and this action unfortunately ,against whom create this potential.

“Importance” is divided in two part internal and External. Internal is as personally important as saying “I’m an important person” and “I have an important job” on the other hand external importance occurs when we give an object ,events or relation from outside a large significance.

Therefore, the lesson here is to not give yourself, subjects, events and relations large importance just being in a balance and calm when react with it as this will assist you to be in the right position and take the right decision as well.


“You have the right to be free of the influence of other people’s pendulums.”

Vadim Zeland

Pendulums are a mental energy created when a group of people begins to think in one direction formatting “Information Structure”. That the members feed these pendulums from their own energy and power.So,you can imagine how many pendulums in our live consuming our power. Pendulums can be political, familial, religious, work, public occasions (sport games) , material belongings (money or new iPhone or car) and social media (Facebook, twitter and whatsApp)… ect. 

Now, let's ask two questions, Are there good pendulums? And how to defeat the effect of the destructive pendulums?

For the first question, Yes, there is a good pendulums briefly any pendulums will support your goals or make you happy in your life  without harming the others for example hobbies , friendship , some projects. 

For the 2nd question, yes, there are some ways to defeat the destructive pendulum one of them is to crash it if you can and end the story (example something to repair, fix, communicate, buy or sell … ect.). Another way is just to neglect and that will eliminate any affects in your lifeline, especially for minors and unimportant pendulums. Also, as we mentioned you can create a good pendulum against the bad one.

Fortune wave 

“People really can choose happiness and success for themselves and yet at the same time remain restricted by pendulums that lead them away from the wave of fortune”

Vadim Zeland

The wave of fortune or success is formed by an accumulation of lifelines that we like it to be in the reality. When we find ourselves on a lifeline and get lucky then we can glide onto the other lifelines of this accumulation, which lead, as that new fortunate circumstance will follow.

Just here be careful from destructive pendulums that will take you away from the wave of fortune or delay the success.


'Importance", "Pendulums" and "The wave of fortune" these Transurfing’s concepts or principles recognize it and deal with them in the way that to make you riding on the wave of success and enjoying the life. 


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