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Saudi Electronic University Announces the Launch of the Global Trends in E-learning Forum (GTEL)

The Saudi Electronic University has announced the launch of the Global Trends in E-Learning Forum (GTEL) February 21-23, under the patronage of Dr. Hamad bin Muhammad Al Al-Sheikh, Minister of Education.
GTEL will discuss and present the best global practices in e-education through innovative technologies, and will be attended by prominent education leaders and innovators.
In a statement to Saudi Press Agency (SPA), President of the Saudi Electronic University, Prof. Dr. Lilac Alsafadi, emphasized the need of educational institutions to utilize opportunities offered by technological advancements and make use of global trends that are now shaping the future of education and training.
The forum is attended by decision-makers, influencers, and technology experts, and will discuss the most important developments, trends, technologies, and innovations that shape the future of e-learning. GTEL will also be reviewing and evaluating trending learning methodologies and best practices for applying e-learning.
GTEL aims to create a networking platform that contributes to the provision of high-quality and accessible education on a large scale to meet the ambitious goals of Saudi vision 2030, promote knowledge exchange, discover important upcoming developments in e-learning, and develop the skills and knowledge for teachers to enhance and accelerate digital transformation of e-learning.
Saudi Electronic University invites you to attend and participate using this link: https://gtel.sa/virtual/ar/registration/

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