Riyadh Daily
Disgrace to the media world

Media credibility hinges on conveying the correct message and spreading awareness among the masses. The media thus plays a key role in society and is a powerful tool to mould public opinion.
Al-Riyadh Arabic newspaper, sister publication of Riyadh Daily, has published a series of articles on the Al-Jazeera television channel, proving it to be far from any of the principles that govern the working of a credible media organ.
The paper reported that Qatar’s very first objective in launching the channel was to rise as a global force. The channel succeeded in drawing a wide audience in the Arab world due to its unconventional approach. However, this was its strategy to infuse poisonous thought in the minds of the Arabs.
Al-Jazeera is not particularly a rich channel. In fact, it has been made resourceful through injection of funds from Qatar to take its political agenda forward. Even as Qatar was exploiting the channel to spread its political ideology, it turned to foreign entities for support and advice on key issues.
One such entity was Muslim Brotherhood, which eventually grew into being a controlling power in Qatar and through this newfound status, it spread its wings across sections of the Arab world. The so-called Arab Spring, for instance, was the outcome of a conspiracy hatched by the Brotherhood with Qatari money.  
Al-Jazeera could have played constructive role, based on Arab and Islamic guidance, but it has opted to adopt a destructive path. It has eventually ended up as a self-destructive force and a disgrace to the media world.

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