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Jotun announces the colour trends of 2019

As the world grows busier and full of distractions, home is one of the few places where we genuinely express who we are. It remains an anchor of comfort and the place where we can relax and be our true selves. Home is an expression of your identity. With this inspiration, Jotun, the region’s leading paint brand, has unveiled its 2019 Colour Trends under the theme of “Identity”. 

Developed by Jotun colour specialists over a year and incorporating on the insights of a global network of colour-trend researchers, the latest edition of colour trends explores colours that reflect distinct lifestyles in an urban environment. The collection embraces 28 colours defining homes around the globe for the coming year. 

“With this colour card, we call on everyone to reconnect with their identity. Our homes are living stories of who we are, told through each object and every colour we fill it with. The home is a constant, ever-reliable reminder of what makes us happy and comfortable. By adorning your personal space with Jotun’s colour card, you create your own living story and personal colour identity. This year’s colour collection contains ideas aimed at inspiring combinations that reflect who you are,” says Faisal Karim, Marketing Manager, Jotun Saudi Arabia.

Renewing interiors by simply painting walls with trending hues gives you a whole new look without the burden in cost of renovations. The age of using colour and design to reflect aspiration or ‘put on a show’ for guests is over; today’s colour palettes are built on honesty, integrity and truth – the home of 2019 says simply: ‘This is me’. 

This year’s colour card is designed to create practical colour combinations with an easy-to-use tool. This tool allows users to easily identify complementary shades within a single colour family, or create harmonious colour variations in the same space.


Soft, light neutrals and warm, subtle contrasts

The calm identity prizes meaning above quantity in the things they surround themselves with, revelling in the almost-Nordic simplicity of their space. Their home is a refuge of clean, easy living and a place of peace, a Zen sanctuary given character through a handful of choice artworks or objects that carry deep personal significance. Nothing is superfluous; there is no room for clutter. Everything has a place and a reason to be in it.


Sense-stimulating greens and yellows, given depth with different textures

The refined identity is that of the modern-day curator: discerning, considered and interested in intriguing juxtapositions. Their home is dotted with a seemingly eclectic collection of art and artefacts, vintage pieces and contemporary design, all carefully positioned in order to acquire new meanings in their relationship with one another. This home is a personal gallery – a dialogue between colour and object whose whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


Deep earthy reds, sensuous peaches, greens and darker neutrals

The raw identity is rooted in the earth. Their home is that of a maker and an artisan – an individual that relishes the honesty of working with their hands, who values provenance above polish. They are cooks and hunters, bakers and carpenters. They find beauty in craft and utility – reflected in rustic homes and grounded spaces full of natural, wood-and-stone textures and the colours of soil and sand.

The three creative identities embody a spectrum of unique personalities, each relating to one of the three palettes and guiding us to making a home truly our own. To convey the 28 colours through a poetic lens, Jotun teamed up with two longstanding collaborators - a photographer, Line Thit Klien and a stylist, Oslo creative studio Kråkvik & D’Orazio - showcasing these identities in three different interior settings.

Jotun’s shades are available in Fenomastic Wonderwall, which gives a layer of vivid luxurious smooth and silky finish that beautifies walls and keeps them looking new every day, and Fenomastic My Home Rich Matt offering the best colour accuracy, ensuring homeowners achieve the exact look they desire.

Download Jotun’s ColourDesign app to find your favourite colour from the new palette which you can visually apply on your existing interiors and facades ensuring you have made the choice that aesthetically fits your space even before you paint. 

All colours and textures featured are part of Jotun’s 2019 colour trends and are now available at  all Jotun stores across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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