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Former Secretary General of Jordanian Ministry of Endowments : Threats against KSA are totally rejected

The former Secretary General of the Ministry of Endowment, Islamic Affairs and Sanctuaries, head of the Scholarship Committee for the review of the Holy Quran in the Kingdom of Jordan, Samih Ahmed Athamna, has stressed the need to respect the charters that govern relations between countries based on mutual respect and take into account the common interests without prejudice to the principles of internal policies.

On the continuation of the policy of global extortion directed against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the continuing threats and accusations without evidence, Dr. Athamna affirmed that the threat and extortion in all their forms from any party were rejected, excluded in international norms, and disrespectful in forums a long time ago and threats and extortion were considered the most severe, brutal and cruel crimes.

He pointed out that differences between countries are resolved by meaningful dialogue that takes into account relations and strategic partnerships and principles of mutual respect away from the language of threat and extortion.

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